Texas Whitetail Hunting


Whitetail deer hunting will be offered on a private ranch in southwestern Texas. The whitetail hunts will be conducted in December each year. We’re talking about completely free-ranging hunts, in stunningly beautiful country.

The goal is to offer a high success hunt with an enjoyable hunting experience attached. The numbers of whitetails on the ranch, and the area in general, are astronomical. Although not known for producing book-caliber bucks, the numbers of 130 to 150-class bucks is what makes the hunt.

The Hunting Area

The 6,000-acre Wade Ranch is located in southeastern Sutton County, Texas. The nearest town, Sonora, is 30 miles away. The ranch is situated in the Edwards Plateau region of Texas. We have an exclusive hunting lease on the ranch and will be the only ones hunting.

Wade RanchThe Wade Ranch has been owned and operated by the Wade family since the 1930’s. The entire ranch is contiguous which creates an uninterrupted hunting area of over 9 square miles.  All deer in the immediate region are completely free ranging. In other words, they can leave anytime they wish.

The ranch has been under an extensive land-management plan since it’s inception. All cedar and mesquite has been systematically removed over the last 70+ years. On over 8,000 acres, you probably cannot find 50 cedar or mesquite trees growing. The live oak trees are the jewels of the ranch. They are interspersed with abundant openings of grasses and forbs, creating perfect habitat for deer. There is cover yet enough openings to offer excellent hunting options as well.

The Hunts

We have a truly unique ranch that offers superb hunting in a very unique setting.

A year-round, supplemental, mineral and feeding program will be used to varying degrees to ensure healthy animals and to enhance the population of game on the ranch.

All hunts are semi-guided and there will NEVER be more than four hunters on the ranch at one time.

Each hunter is allowed to take one trophy whitetail buck and one management buck  on the hunt.

Hogs are not numerous on the ranch, but should you encounter one, you may take it at no extra charge, as well.


Expectations for the Hunt

Wade RanchWhat are reasonable expectations? Historically, the ranch has produced 130 to 160-class bucks. The attraction here is not the chance at a 180-class deer. Go to South Dakota for that. This ranch offers high numbers of deer and lots of action at good bucks.

If you will hold steadfast on your minimum, and will stick with the hunt for the duration, the following shot-opportunity percentages are what any of our guides feel they can produce for a 1 on 1 hunter, any given week:



Minimum Size Class Chances at a Shot Opportunity Comments
130″+ 95% Ranch minimum. Good bucks with very high success.
140″+ 75% Getting harder, but good minimum for patient hunters.
150″+ 30% The uppermost class of bucks
160″+ 10% They just happen along the way.


The accommodations for the Wade Ranch hunts are in modest housing located on the ranch. The digs are nothing fancy, but are equipped with air conditioning, heating, showers and bathrooms. More than enough for a hunting camp.

Meals will be provided with breakfast and lunch consisting of easy-to-make items. A full dinner is prepared by the guides in the evenings.

Airport Information

Air service is available by flying into either San Angelo or San Antonio, TX. You will need to rent a vehicle and drive to the ranch. The drive time is approximately 1 1/2 hours from San Angelo and 2 1/2 hours from San Antonio.

2015 Texas Whitetail Deer Hunt Prices

4-Day Whitetail Hunt – $4250

(1 trophy whitetail buck and 1 management whitetail buck)

Any exotic – $1000 kill fee

2015 Whitetail Deer Seasons

Dec 17-20, 2015

2015 Whitetail Deer License Fees

$315  (available over-the-counter)


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