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We are ecstatic to be offering archery whitetail deer hunts in South Dakota. Brad LaBounty, one of our guides, has hunted and lived in this area most of his life. His local knowledge and connections are the key to these hunts even being offered. Get ready to discover one of the best-kept secrets of the whitetail world!


Hunting Area

The hunting area is located in northeastern South Dakota. Over 9,000 acres of private property will be leased to hunt. There is more quality land to hunt than we could ever hunt. Much of the land has never been commercially hunted.

The country is mostly cropland with corn and soybeans being the primary crops. The cropland is separated by timbered wind breaks, creek bottoms and CRP. Parts of the property are within the flood plain of the James River in a classic river-bottom setting. Most of the floodplains are cattail marshes which provide one of the primary bedding areas.


Jeremy Sanders Whitetail


Ladder and lock-on stands will be utilized in most areas, while tripod blinds are necessary in others. Climbers are completely useless in this part of South Dakota due to the complete absence of a straight tree.

Funnels are created with tree breaks, field edges, and the river bottoms. The guides years of experience in hunting these properties will be the key to success.

There will be a 130-class minimum. Anything smaller needs to be hunted in later years. The openness of the terrain allows you to see high numbers of deer. Expect to see antlers virtually every day. Almost every hunter will see a 160+ buck during their hunt. Getting it close enough to shoot with a bow is the challenge.



What should your expectations be on a typical hunt in either South Dakota? Realistically, if you truly know how to effectively hunt from a stand, and you will hunt all day, the following shot-opportunity percentages should be the average for a 8-day archery hunt:

Chance of a Shot Opportunity at a 130+ Buck = 95%
Chance of a Shot Opportunity at a 140+ Buck = 75%
Chance of a Shot Opportunity at a 150+ Buck = 60%
Chance of a Shot Opportunity at a 160+ Buck = 35%
Chance of a Shot Opportunity at a 170+ Buck = 20%
Chance of a Shot Opportunity at a 180+ Buck = 5%

These estimates are realistic. Anyone who claims they can do better is either, hunting behind a fence or just optimistically stretching the truth. A big whitetail is earned, even in the best whitetail country in the nation!

South Dakota Scenery


Mark Michalsky MD 302-547-1448

John Wilmesher MO 636-530-7107

Mike Sanders GA 706-327-9527



Accommodations for the hunts will be in an extremely nice, modern lodge. The facilities are magnificent. You will lack for nothing.

Meals will be prepared each day by the lodge staff. All meals and lodging are included in the hunt price.


South Dakota Whitetail2013 South Dakota Hunt Price

8-Day Archery Whitetail Deer Hunt – $3000

2013 South Dakota Hunt Dates

Archery Whitetail – Oct 27-Nov 3, 2013

Archery Whitetail – Nov 5-12, 2013

2013 South Dakota License Fees

Archery Whitetail Deer – $195

The application deadline to apply for archery deer licenses is September 20. The draw is 100% successful for nonresident applicants.

Wounding Policy

Public-Land Hunts – Upon hitting an animal, the next day will be spent looking/hunting for the wounded animal. Should the animal not be recovered, the hunter can resume hunting for another animal. Due to the great variations in such situations, the guide will make the decision when to abandon searching. Upon shooting a second animal and losing it, the hunt is over.

Private-Land Hunts – Upon hitting an animal, the remainder of the hunt will be spent looking/hunting for the wounded animal. The animals that inhabit a ranch are finite in number and a valuable resource that the landowner relies upon for the financial survival of the ranch. It is not fair to the landowners to allow each hunter the opportunity to potentially kill two animals. In this case, a hunter would, in essence, be potentially killing two animals while only paying for one. We will not compromise the landowner’s interests in this situation.

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South Dakota Whitetail South Dakota Whitetail
South Dakota Whitetail South Dakota Whitetail
South Dakota Whitetail


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