Persian Ibex Hunting

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We are excited to introduce Persian Ibex hunting in the Florida Mountains of southern New Mexico. Ibex licenses are issued through the New Mexico draw system, exclusively. Archery, muzzleloader and rifle hunts are offered.

Hunting Area

Ibex were introduced into the rugged Florida Mountains of southern New Mexico in the early 1970’s. These hearty animals have since prospered in this environment and a quality hunting experience was created.

Be warned, Ibex hunts are one of the most physically demanding hunts you could possibly choose. The Florida Mountains are as rough and nasty as any terrain you can find. The bluffs that these goats scale with ease would make an Aoudad sheep queasy. There is no tougher terrain to hunt.

The Hunts

The archery hunt is conducted in early January and could easily be classified as an extreme hunt. Under no circumstances should you attempt an Ibex archery hunt unless you are extremely physically fit. Shot opportunities with a bow are hard to come by and repeated trips up the mountain will almost always be the norm. Getting close to the elusive Ibex is very difficult and shots in excess of 50 yards are almost always the case. If you can’t shoot a bow over 50 yards with good accuracy, don’t attempt this hunt.

The muzzleloader hunt is conducted in February. It is slightly less physically demanding than the archery hunt but will still test your mettle. Shots up to 300 yards should be expected. Prepare properly for this hunt and it will be a much higher success hunt than the archery hunt.

The rifle hunt is conducted in December and typically enjoys much higher success than either the archery or muzzleloader hunts. Due to fewer trips up the mountain before the opportunity presents itself, this hunt is usually the least physically demanding.  However, underestimate the physical difficulty of these mountains, and you will be at a huge disadvantage.

A youth rifle hunt for the Ibex is also offered. Youths must be 17 or younger on the first day of the hunt to be eligible to apply.

Elite has several guides with extensive experience in hunting Ibex in the Floridas. The tactics used by the guides involve lots of teamwork and shot opportunities will result for any in-shape hunter, regardless of the weapon type.


Ron Moon, WA 509-393-3303
Scott Muirbrook, UT 801-391-9551

2013/2014 Ibex Hunt Prices

7-Day Ibex Hunt (1 on 1) – $6000

7- Day Youth Ibex Hunt (1 on 1) – $4900

2013/2014 Ibex Seasons

Youth Rifle – Sep 24-30, 2012
Rifle – Nov 26 – Dec 2, 2012
Muzzleloader – Feb 11-17, 2013
Archery – Jan 1-7, 2013

2013/2014 Ibex Draw License



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