Mountain Lion Hunts

New Mexico – Mountain Lion Hunting

We are proud to introduce mountain lion hunting. There are high numbers of lions in the greater Sacramento Mountains but we had never tried to hunt them before due to the lack of a knowledgeable, local houndsman. That technicality has been taken care of.

We would like to introduce Andrew McWilliams and his hounds. Andrew is a local lion hunter with intimate knowledge of lions and the country. His dogs are dry-land hounds that do not need snow cover to trail a cat. He typically only uses three hounds at a time and is extremely successful at treeing the overgrown felines.

Do you like deer and elk? Come be a hero in their eyes and take one of our lions home to live in your trophy room. Everyone except the lion leaves happy!

The  hunt involves covering lots of ground until a track is cut. The dogs are released and the chase is on. Chasing cats with dogs can be an extremely physical event. Lion hunting is not for the faint at heart. Be prepared physically.

This hunt is difficult, but will still produce high percentages of kills on mature cats. We want you to get a lion and will hunt until we do.

Accommodations will be provided in our lodge. All meals are included.

The Hunts

Fixed-Date Hunts

Lion hunts will be offered on several fixed dates throughout the winter months. The difficult part of scheduling lion hunts is timing the hunt with appropriate weather conditions. Fresh snow is the best hunting condition. As we all know, it is impossible to predict. We can schedule hunts but conditions may not always be ideal.

On-Call Hunts

On-call lion hunts will be offered in November through February. To catch perfect hunting conditions, on-call hunting is the best. When we book an on-call hunt, we will give you 48-hours notice to be here ready to hunt.

2012/2013 Mountain Lion Hunt Price

5-Day Fixed-Date Hunt – $4500 (1 on 1)
5-Day On-Call Hunt – $3900 (1 on 1)

2012/2013 Mountain Lion Seasons

Fixed-Date Hunts

Dec 6-10, 2012
Jan 2-6, 2013
Feb 2-6, 2013

On-Call Hunts

Nov 2012 through Feb 2013

2013 Mountain Lion License

$299 (Guaranteed License)


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