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How the Draw Works

The New Mexico Draw System is a quota draw. What that means is there is no preference or bonus point system. Each applicant has an equal chance of drawing each year, regardless of what happened in years past.

Approximately 55% of the non-resident elk tags are guaranteed to outfitters applying clients in New Mexico. Applying through the  “Outfitters’ Pool” usually doubles your chances of being drawn versus applying in the “Unguided Pool”.

In 2009, we drew 1 out of every 4 applicants that applied for draw elk tags in the Sacramento Mountains.

In 2010, we drew 1 out of every 5 applicants.

Application Information

A credit card is required to apply for the draw. The NM Game & Fish will bill your card $27 at the time of application. At the draw deadline, in early April, your card will be billed for the remaining license fee. Should you be unsuccessful in the draw, the license fee will be credited back to your card and the Game & Fish keeps the $27 application fee.

The deadline for submitting applications to us for the draw hunts is April 1 and the actual draw is in mid June. We take care of all the application work for you. Up to 4 hunters can apply on the same application so either everyone or no one draws.

In the Sacramento Mountains, there are 4 archery hunts, 2 muzzleloader hunts and 3 rifle hunts available to you as draw choices. You can ultimately select 3 hunt choices on your application. We will help decide on which hunts and what order. For example, you can select a rifle hunt as your first choice, a muzzleloader hunt as your second choice and an archery hunt as your third choice. Whatever you want. We will confer with you prior to submitting your application. It is not a difficult process.

The computer will go down your application choices and assign the first available tags based on your order of preference. If no tags are available for any of the three hunts at the time your application is drawn, you are then unsuccessful in the draw.

A $500 deposit, in the form of a personal or guaranteed check, is required for each hunter to apply for the draw elk hunts. If you are unsuccessful in the draw and leave your $500 deposit with us, you will lock-in the hunt price at the time of booking, until you draw and we will waive a licensing fee. If you don’t draw and wish to have your deposit refunded, we will charge you a licensing fee of $100 and refund the remaining $400 of your deposit.


2013 Sacramento Archery Hunt Prices

6-Day Guided Sacramento Archery Elk Hunt 

$5,500 (1 on 1)  If successful in the Draw
$8,900 (1 on 1)  If combined with a landowner permit for a guaranteed license


2013 Sacramento Archery Seasons

6-Day Sacramento Archery Elk Hunts 

Sep 5-10, 2013
Sep 17-22, 2013 


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