Bear Hunting

Did you have bad luck in the draw this year for elk? Would you still enjoy coming to New Mexico for an action packed adventure? Well you are in luck. The bear hunting is as good as its ever been and is available over the counter. This year we are proud to welcome the Medina brothers and their hounds to the outfit. Jesse and Isaiah have been hunting bear with their hounds since childhood. They were packed in to bear trees on backpacks before they could even walk. They know about all there is to know about hunting bears and training high quality bear hounds. If you are looking for an adventure packed hunt in beautiful scenery with an experienced guide for an affordable price then look no further. This is a hunt for you.

There is nothing quite like hunting behind an experienced hound man and a well trained pack of hounds. It is a traditional way of hunting and has been embedded in our heritage for centuries. It will truly be an experience of a lifetime and will not be soon forgotten. Covering many miles through scenic mountains while listening to the echoes of the hounds in hot pursuit of your trophy bear. Can it get much better than that?




Why come to Elite Outfitters to hunt bear? For many reasons. How about population? Our hunting areas are located in prime bear habitat where the population is thriving. You can expect to see multiple bears during a five day hunt. How about trophy potential? Again we are located in the heart of bear country and have prime habitat for bears to grow to maturity and maintain good health. The potential to kill a 20 inch bear is always there. How about color phase bears? Our hunting area has bears of all colors from blonde to black. We have lots of blacks, browns and cinnamon colored bears with the occasional blonde bear as well. We have come across a few multi colored bears in the past also.



How about experience? The Medina brothers were bred, born, and raised in the bear country of New Mexico. They have spent their lifetime hunting bears with hounds that they have bred and trained. You couldn’t find very many houndsmen in the entire state who could claim to see more treed bear than they do. They are second generation houndsmen. Their father was and still is a very well known bear hunter in New Mexico. They hunt bears in the entire state and even venture across state lines some. When it comes to hunting bear with hounds you won’t find anyone better for the job. Come and join them for an experience you’ll never forget.




What can you expect from the hunt? You will wake up in the very early morning hours and have a good bite to eat. You will then grab your gear and your coffee and head to the mountains in four wheel drive trucks. Jesse or Isaiah will put some well trained dogs on top of the rig to sniff the air until they smell a bear. The dogs will alert you of the presence of a bear with a loud hound dog bark. Sometimes you will also walk the dogs up canyons and ridges to smell for bear scent. Once the dogs have struck on the scent the race is on. Very well trained hounds will then be released on the trail. You will have the pleasure of hearing them work the track as their bawls echo through the deep canyons. Then their voice changes and the music of the dogs barking treed will stay with you in your head for years to come. It is now up to you to make it to the tree and see a bear up close and personal. After praising the hounds and snapping some photos you will decide if this is the bear you would like to take home. If it is not the bear for you it will be released. Jesse and Isaiah are willing to work hard for you and their dogs are capable of showing you multiple bears per hunt. They would like everyone to harvest a bear they are happy with. Once you harvest the bear it will be cared for professionally. They will properly skin your trophy and get it back safely to the lodge.

What are you waiting for? Reserve your spot today!


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