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Denise Hughes Antelope

Gordon Ranch

Elite has secured guaranteed antelope permits for a 10,000+ acre ranch located in central New Mexico. Pronghorn antelope hunting in New Mexico is one of the best-kept secrets in the country. The area is renowned for it’s excellent herd balance and a healthy number of big bucks. The antelope to consider on this ranch are the heavy 15 to 16-inch bucks.

The 2007 hunter missed a 16-inch goat due to the rifle being off, but managed to take a 14-inch antelope later in the hunt. The 2008 hunter killed a 15-inch goat. The 2009 hunter took a 15-inch antelope as well. Two hunters in 2010 took a 15 -inch and a 13-inch goat.

Like most antelope hunts, spot and stalk tactics will be utilized almost exclusively. As a result, binoculars and spotting scopes are a necessity. The terrain is rolling with a touch of rim rock along the ridges, which is ideal for spot and stalk antelope hunting.

Accommodations and meals are included.  Transportation to the ranch will be provided each day of the hunt. Airport service is available into Albuquerque, NM.

Danielle Turner Antelope

2015 Prices

Rifle Antelope Hunt – $4000 (1 on 1)

2015 Season

September, 2015

2015 Guaranteed License



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