2012 In Review

2012 was a great season with the highest success rate that we have had in years!

98% success on archery

100% on muzzleloader
100% on both rifle hunts with all being great bulls

So, thank you for hunting with Elite Outfitters in 2012.  As most of you know Elite Outfitters has had many big changes in the last couple of years and we are back running at full force and striving to be better than we have ever been.  I can’t thank the team here at Elite enough for all of their hard work and commitment to keep us on top of all the rest.

I appreciate everyone for being patient while we build our new website.  It is taking a while but will be a huge improvement once it is completed. This new site will help aid me in updating the What’s Happening page to keep you all informed of what we are doing and what changes are taking place.  An added enhancement includes a new photo gallery for year to year hunt photos. It is a much easier site to navigate and will look much more up to date.  A huge thank you goes to RuidosoWeb, Corp. (Cynthia and Holly West) for helping us through this process.

Please remember to email, call, or text me to be put in for the draw.  I will be calling each of you but it is best for you to contact me to ensure that you are included.  The application deadline is March 20th.  This is earlier than last year’s deadline so please contact me by March 10th.   Also think about which hunts you plan to apply.  Are you applying for multiple hunts such as Elk, Orx, Ibex, Antelope, Mule deer, Couse Deer, Mountain and Desert bighorns?

I am pleased to announce that we have added another ranch for antelope gun or bow hunts so please call if you have questions or check back soon  for the newly updated page describing the hunt.

The last elk hunt of the season just finished up on the Alan Ranch with Tom Willis, Josh Willis, and Matt Presley.  It was a great hunt and I couldn’t have asked for a better group of guys to finish off the elk season.  Josh has been serving our country and has just come back from overseas.  Thank you, Josh!

During this last hunt we saw about 15 bulls in the morning but couldn’t close the distance, he ended up harvesting a wonderful bull that evening in one of the worst hell holes on the place to pack out an elk.   Huh, Matt?   The next Morning Josh and I went glassing and spotted 28 bulls by ourselves not counting what Jake, Kenny and the others spotted.   We found a great bull that Matt ended up being able to harvest within 300 yards of Josh’s so as you guessed the pack out was just about as much fun for Matt’s as was Josh’s!   But what the hell, I will shoot one there every day if I have to!  We started getting a fair amount of snow lately so should make for some excellent horn growth this year.  This has also helped us in firing off the beginning of our lion season with Bob Springob, and James Money.  I can’t wait to see them both with their lions.  Stay tuned for pictures!  We also are starting archery mule deer hunts tomorrow with one of our great friends, Tom Moleski and a few of his good friends. Stay tuned for those pictures as well.  After the conclusion of the mule deer hunts we will be finished hunting and starting to ice fish in South Dakota and then on to spring and summer fishing.  We will also be running our Axis deer hunts throughout the summer so get on board with one of the best free ranging Axis deer ranches in the country.

Let’s talk about the fishing for a minute! I know a lot of you do a lot of fishing so if you want to catch BIG walleye or 1 pound to 2 pound perch and crappie let’s go!  South Dakota has some of the best fishing on the planet.  I know what a lot of you are thinking…Brrrr, are you nuts sit on a frozen lake to catch fish? YES, that is exactly what I’m thinking!  But, there is an ice shack with a heater and you can make it hot enough to sit there in a t-shirt if that’s what you choose!  One thing is for sure; if you like catching big fish out of a boat or from shore I guarantee you will love it through a hole in the ice!   Hell you can even drink beer while fishing!  All of you that know me know about the pink panties so just hike them up and let’s go fishing!

We are currently booking trips now for the rest of January, February, and March.  Then at first ice-off we will be back in the boats.  So you can also call and get a spot for this summer for you, the family, or whoever you choose to bring.

Brad LaBounty

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